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Request a demo today to watch for yourself how Zebra.ai would be a game changer for your marketing efforts. 

About Us

We Are Your Next Generation Marketing

Data captured in your CRM, your web traffic, transactional information and even social followers is not helping you understand your market, your buyers and thus how to scale accordingly. At Zebra.ai, using the greatest in Deep Learning and Machine Learning we give you that edge that you need to outsmart competition and capitalize on big data with minimal to no effort.


We are


About Us

Meet Mike, pilot with Zebra.ai

“We were burning money on low performing Ads and we were penalized by AdWords and FB with lower quality traffic and even more expensive CPC. Zebra.ai cut our CAC by at least 20% managing our Marketing for just a couple of weeks.”

– Mike J.
Streamlined Process

Starting up a campaign, setting up collateral and getting your team on the same page is the first step to running a successful marketing organization.

Visibility and Control

As a marketing leader, your edge is in knowing what is running, how much its costing you and reading through insights to take decisions. Zebra.ai makes that possible.

Tactical Insights Only

We believe that showing you counts, sums maximums and minimums is just not helpful. We cut it all out presenting only actionable information for a data-driven leader.

Segmentation done Right

You settled before for segments divided by basic information like company size and demographics. With Zebra natural segmentation, you get much more, you can drill down to psychographics and brand affinity.

AI-Powered Conversion

As a leader busy with strategy you can delegate the nitty gritty details of shutting down underperforming efforts and shifting budgets. Machines are 1000x faster to run tests and optimize accordingly. Let us do that for you.

Awesome Support

We are only successful if you are. We guarantee that we will be working along with you and your marketing team to assure the success of the team. We truly believe in going more than just an extra mile.

Zebra.ai takes your Account-Based-Marketing (ABM) to a whole new level 

First Step

Manage & Collaborate

The first step to successful marketing is to have your team on the same page. Visibility into what is running, who is working on what and getting things done. It’s the cornerstone for success. Relying on calendars, notes, files and shared documents won’t cut it at your scale.

Second Step

Analyze & Understand

Targeting is the single most critical pillar in marketing. With Zebra.ai you don’t have to work off of assumptions about your audience. Now you can pull hidden intel about who they truly are and scale out your reach accordingly.

Third Step

Target & Optimize

No need to go alone that last mile. Testing out campaigns and optimizing Ads is a tedious task that is meant to be delegated to machines. Zebra employs AI agents that manage 1000s of tests in realtime optimizing your campaigns 24/7.

Outsmart Competition – Leverage cutting edge AI to win

Marketing is changing forever. Zebra.ai puts you and your organization ahead.

Request Demo

Intrigued? You should be! Request a demo today.

In 30 mins you will see for yourself how AI can revolutionize your marketing.